Guardian Knights – Morgana Bladesinger

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Guardian Knights – Morgana Bladesinger

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Introducing Morgana Bladesinger, a formidable warrior and a proud member of the elite Guardian Knights. Standing ready to defend her realm, Morgana embodies strength, grace, and unwavering loyalty. Clad in intricately designed armor and wielding her signature dual blades, she is a sight to behold on any battlefield.

Morgana’s detailed 3D model captures every aspect of her fierce persona, from the intricate patterns on her armor to the determined expression on her face. Her dynamic pose, with blades poised for action, makes her an excellent addition to any collection or tabletop game.

Bring Morgana Bladesinger into your world and let her lead your forces to victory. Perfect for enthusiasts of fantasy miniatures, collectors, and gamers alike.

– 32mm and 54mm

– 3 Poses

– Unsupported STLs

– Presupported STLs

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both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

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