Guardian Knights – Eleonora Dayblade

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Guardian Knights – Eleonora Dayblade

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Introducing Eleonora Dayblade, a powerful and steadfast warrior from the esteemed Guardian Knights. Known for her immense strength and unyielding resolve, Eleonora wields a formidable greatsword and a massive shield, making her a formidable presence on any battlefield. Her imposing stature and expertly crafted armor reflect her dedication to defending her realm and her unwavering loyalty to her comrades.

Eleonora’s detailed 3D model showcases her impressive weaponry and armor, capturing the essence of a true knight ready for battle. The intricate details on her armor and the determined look in her eyes make her a standout figure in any collection or tabletop game. Her dynamic pose, with the greatsword poised and shield at the ready, signifies her readiness to face any challenge.

Add Eleonora Dayblade to your collection and let her lead your forces with unparalleled strength and valor. Perfect for fantasy miniature enthusiasts, collectors, and gamers

– 32mm and 54mm
– 3 Poses
– Unsupported STLs
– Presupported STLs

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