AESWMP05 – Croco Hut

By: Aether Studios


This set, Croc Hut, was originally part of our Fantasy Villages set. But it was requested for an update, one that would place it firmly in the swamps. We built out an interior, added options for dockwater and swampwater tiles, and improved printability throughout. We think you’ll agree this is a welcome swamp abode.

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● Layer Size​: 0.15mm minimum. 0.1mm recommended.

● Infill​: 10% for all models recommended

● Top/Bottom Layers​: 9 (or 0.9mm if using a different layer size than 0.1mm)

● Side Shell Count​: 2 (or 0.8mm if using a different nozzle size than 0.4mm)


● Raft/Brim/Supports​: Brim may be helpful when printing small items like the Lever or Doors.

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

Not Listed


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