AEDWRF20 – Clan Hellfoot

By: Aether Studios


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This set was just a little special favor we made for one of our fans. They had a need, we had a handful of barely used assets. They came together perfectly for what we needed – a new war machine for the Dwarven Arena! Then came a few more requests, a banner and a wall to match. The small clan grows strong with help. Though the Hellfoots are one of the smaller clans, they have much to be proud of. They are not of noble blood, but they are fearless champions in the Arena. Six times has this small family won the Grand Brawl. These victories carry great prestige for the small commoner clan, and many keep a watchful eye on the great things to come.

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Layer Size​: 0.15mm minimum. 0.1mm recommended.
Infill​: 10% for all models recommended
Top/Bottom Layers​: 9
(or 0.9mm if using a different layer size than 0.1mm)
Side Shell Count​: 2
(or 0.8mm if using a different nozzle size than 0.4mm)
Raft/Brim/Supports​: All models are FDM Supportless or Presupported

Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

123mm x 78mm x 67mm

Included Files

Not Listed


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