Initiative Tower – Portable Tower – Mechanical variant

By: Degenerate Polygons


This tower is used to track the characters’ initiative in role playing games (it could also have some other creative tracking uses…). The tower’s labels can be moved around and re-ordered.
2 versions of this Portable Tower exist, a mechanical and a magnetic one, depending on the type of label connection/support type. This one is the mechanical version.

Here you can find the magnetic version.

Check the description for more details!


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The Portable Tower:

Simple. Elegant. Small.

As the name suggests, this tower is used to track the characters’ initiative in role playing games (they could also have some other creative uses…).

The tower support some labels that can be moved around and ordered, depending on a character’s initiative order.

This one is the “light” initiative tower you can easily carry and use and has mechanical connectors for the labels.

Limited to 7 initiative labels, a simple uniform shading can make it blend in almost any kind of setting and campaign, from sci-fi to fantasy and horror.

Our “Proton Connectors – Mechanical” are simple dovetail connectors that doesn’t require supports when printed vertically. You can watch a video here: Degenerate Polygons Initiative Tower – Portable Tower – Mechanical variant

We also have a Portable Tower Magnetic, with magnetic connectors for easier label management, and a larger Wizard’s Tower.

In the video the labels are treated with blackboard paint and written on with chalk, many other options are possible, check this other video: Degenerate Polygons – Inititative Towers’ label options

We tested various ways for writing the characters names on the labels and they all work well:

standard acrylic colors or permanent markers
blackboard paint + standard chalk (easily erasable, retro/lo-tech look)
blackboard paint + liquid chalk pens (water erasable)
whiteboard paint/film + erasable markers (as the whiteboard!)

Being light and portable, it’s possible to make it extra-stable with:

Additional magnets glued to the base and an additional metal plate (or metal gaming table)
Velcro on a Velcro-friendly gaming tablecloth
Just a heavy base glued to the tower (maybe wooden?)

We’re sure there are also other solutions, more appropriate to your personal gaming setup…

We create Initiative Towers of various size, dice tower+initiative tower combos and RPGs stuff: Degenerate Polygons You can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of promotions and upcoming crowdfunding campaigns!


Easy to print with small/medium printers too [height is 19cm (7.5″), longest side is 7.5cm (3″)].

Prints easily in PETG from 0.1 to 0.6mm layers (up to 1mm should be ok). 1.2 or 1.6mm skin.

No support needed (with PETG at 235°-245°).

Typical printing time at 0.2mm: 5h

Model Scale

Not defined

Support Details

Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

Print Dimensions

75mm x 50mm x 190mm

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