Dice Cage Ornaments

By: Plastic Dungeon


A collection of 3 3D printable Christmas ornaments to hang your nice or naughty dice on the tree.

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These ornaments are of a simple two-piece design and will hold a few standard dice or a single 28mm scale miniature. Each ornament is scalable to accommodate more dice, a larger miniature or even for use at the game table as a temple or gazebo!

We’re offering three different designs: a gothic style, elven style and dwarven style cage/ornament.

Each ornament is a screw on top to keep it secure, and a small loop to attach a hook or ribbon so it can be hung from a tree. An alternate design without a screw threads to create a simple display with an easy to remove lid is also included, plus a version of each lid without the loop to create a dice cage/gazebo/pavilion/prison/etc for display or use on the table as terrain.

Also included is our snowball ornament originally available from thingiverse.com

These files are for personal use only.

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