Depths of the Mountain- April’21 Patreon Release



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“Depths of the Mountain” was the April 2021 Theme of our Patreon Page.

This release features:

17 highly detailed monster and humanoid miniatures of that can be found on a subterranean setting, such as Duergar Expedition Party, monsters like the Chull, Cave Hulks, Manticore, Troglodytes and Grimlocks and an infamous Mad Wizard with his Nagpa apprentice, riding his Giant Mole pet!
Cavern Terrain Pieces: A collection of various detailed terrain pieces and accessories to build your own cavern terrain for your tabletop encounters!

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All miniatures and terrain pieces are Pre-Supported!

This Bundle includes the following:…version-included/


Model Scale

28 mm

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Supportless (Doesn't require supports to print)

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