Defenders of the Glade – Night Elf Sentinel – Pose 1

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Defenders of the Glade is a Night Elf theme on Imagine Minis Patreon, this miniature is a 32mm scale. This model includes Rider, and mount with modular weapons.

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“When you enter the forest, pay attention to your surrounding, the elves live there and are watching your movements waiting for the moment to strike the invaders.” – Last written words from Rokar, Orcish Scout.

Defenders of the Glade is a Night Elf theme chosen by my Patreon Community.

The Night Elf Sentinel is a 32mm scale miniature with a mount.

This miniature includes 3 hair options (only one is supported). 7 Hand options (Weapons and shields). 1 SaberPanther with saddle and armor (with 2 head options), plus 4 extra bits to glue over the model.

A round 50.8mm forest theme base is included but, you can use any base you wish, it is not attached to the model.

Armor bits from the model can be removed and the Head can be repositioned to create variations in your wargame.

Assemble/Clean tips: Cut the supports holding the ears before every other, those ears are thin and long. Shields require a hand to glue in the model. Weapons have L/R orientation so choose and mirror in the plate before printing.

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32 mm

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both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

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