Cona-He Son of Bar-Eon, Human Barbarian

By: Epic Adventure Miniatures


Cona-He, Human Barbarian comes in a classic man skirt version and poofy pirate pants version, supported and unsupported and is perfect to tie into any classic Fantasy tabletop setting. Files are scaled at heroic scale but will fit on a 25mm base.

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What is best in life? Why raging in the face of your enemies of course. Cona-He, Son of Bar-Eon is from the lost Silver Sword clan within the plains of the Demon Vale. His clan had once been once of the fiercest barbarian clans in the Demon Vale but settled near the Serpent’s Crest and started a 25 year long time of peace creating the most durable of swords within the vale. When their rivals, the Golden Axe clan joined forces with a warlock named Kel-Doom who had a pact with the Pit Fiend Dror’ Grezuul, the once mighty Silver Swords were all but obliterated and sold into slavery. When a child Cona-He showed promise with the sword, he was quickly sent to the gladiator pits of Marak’haad where he rose through the ranks and was rewarded with drink and the pleasures of courtesans. Cona-He was offered his freedom through the years in the ring and even though the fire of vengeance against those who destroyed his clan still burned bright in his veins,  the glory of the crowd and the warm blood of his opponents called him back every time. However when he paired off against a grizzled familiar looking man named Dar-Rek wielding his father’s sword, Cona-He felt defeat for the first time in his career. Dar-Rek spared his life and later met with Cona-He telling him how he and his father escaped death from the hands of the demon led Golden Axes only to be separated when a large fist of fiends flanked them. Dar-Rek reveals that in his capture he has been cursed and will soon turn to the infernal army and urged Cona-He to take his father’s sword and find the rest of the Silver Sword clan survivors and bring death to those who broke their family. Cona-He left the glory of the ring in search of his long lost clan.

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both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

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25.36mm x 48.6mm x 39.5mm

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