Clay “One Horn” Garrett – Human Gunslinger

By: Miscboymini


Presupported files included

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This unique mini was created by Miscboymini for our May 2021 Patreon release. They are in 28mm scale and perfect for any of your wargaming needs. The model comes with a supported version as well as the original files.

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Model Scale

28 mm

Support Details

both: Both unsupported and pre-supported variations

Print Dimensions

Not Listed

Included Files

File NameFile Size
Cacterian Sentry 0169.7MB
Cacterian Sentry 0264.3MB
Cacterian Warrior 0148.3MB
Cacterian Warrior 0276.2MB
Cacterian Berserker 0137.8MB
Cacterian Manipulator 0176.8MB
Cacterian Pathfinder 0179.8MB
Base 0125.3MB
Base 0221.2MB
Base 0331.1MB
Base 0429.5MB
Base 0530.8MB
Base 0627.4MB
Base 0723.3MB

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