Beast of Carcosa

By: VoidRealm Minis


This file vignettes with HASTUR: The King in Yellow

You can purchase the Beast and Hastur together at a slight discount

[pre-supported files by Atlas 3D are INCLUDED]

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The Beast of Carcosa!

This all-new, original VoidRealm Minis design is influenced by Moder from The Ritual
Hastur can sit ontop of the Beast, riding it as a kind of bizarre lurking chariot
The Beast is 150mm tall; together, Hastur and the Beast reach about 250mm
Comes with an oval, collector’s base
“Hastur Long Cape” is in this BEAST folder; purchase Hastur serparately to attach the cape to him.
OPTIONAL: the “yellow sign” is a swirling of magic that the Beast conjures between its hands. There is no key; you’ll need to use the render photos for reference on where to glue this element
*print by 8bit Destiny

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