$6 Tier “Soldier”

By: Aether Studios

$6.00 now, and $6.00 on the 1st of each month

This is exactly the same as the $6 tier on our patreon. You get the following rewards for signing up:

● All the Welcome Pack sets and Monthly sets from the previous tiers.
● You’ll get a vote when we our patrons order new sets for construction. These voted sets always go out to the $6 tier and up.
● You’ll receive a complimentary copy of any bonus sets also going out at the $6 tiers. There are always 1-2 bonus sets each month, occasionally 3-4 bonus sets depending on production.
● Immediate Access to Peaceful Gardens
● Immediate Access to Peaceful Trees
● Immediate Access to Peaceful Fountains
● Immediate Access to Natural Bridges
● Immediate Access to Halloween
● Immediate Access to Clip-On Banyan Jungle
● Immediate Access to Hallows Eve Tree
● Immediate Access to Welcome to the Party
● Immediate Access to Order of the Soilborn
● Immediate Access to Waterfall
● Immediate Access to Dire Penguins
● Immediate Access to Spooky Trees
● Immediate Access to Peaceful Glades
● Immediate Access to Rampumpkin Fort

First payment: January 1, 2022

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Model Scale

28 mm

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