Vendor Biography

Welcome all to Star Hole Garage,

We offer Anchorhead’s largest supply of new and semi used speeder and starship parts. If its not here I doubt it’s on Tatooine.

We are a custom shop. We build, repair and retrofit all types of starships, speeders new and old. We also craft various “useful and hard to find items” to meet our clients personal and/or business needs.

We have even done some other crazy builds I can’t really tell you about or Jabba will have my beautiful Ottegan hyde on his palace wall. 

Our repair shop has a full pit droid repair crew and even a few Astromechs for those pesky star ship upgrades and retrofits. 

You won’t see our custom builds anywhere else in the galaxy. If you need something custom let us know and we will get you a fair quote.

Don’t try to low ball us. We’ve been on this wretched desert rock  and had to deal with the hive of scum and villainy for far too long to fall for some wise guy antics.

If you need any parts or custom service just let the droids know and they can help you out. If you have any questions they can’t or wont answer feel free to send me a comm message or shoot me a holo.

Sand People welcome with their wrecked speeder bikes.

“Some” Jawa’s welcome (the ones with credits)

Twin Suns,



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